Welcome to PlayAbout.com!

The Play About Mission

PlayAbout.com is an online gaming site for anyone the does or wants to coordinate competitive gaming experiences. This is for any game where there are multiple events that will be needed to achieve your objective. These events don’t have to be limited to just gameplay either and can extend to social get-togethers, Twitch streams, other league play that’s relevant to this particular group and so forth.

Platform Independent

Our system is a platform-independent. If you’re coordinating Battlefield One games, it doesn’t matter if you play on PC via Steam, on Xbox or on the PlayStation. In fact, you can mix and match the platforms, and PlayAbout.com can be an amazing solution for cross-Xbox-PlayStation leagues and so forth.

Your Group, Your Rules

We provide the platform for creating gaming groups. Our approach to the term group is abstract, and you can define it however you wish. Some friends use our service to coordinate training sessions for their Overwatch team. We have others who host two-on-two Call of Duty championships and use our services to organize the tournament, schedule, track the leaderboard and so forth.

Join Events

PlayAbout.com isn’t just for people who come to our site with a group. There are groups here that are looking for additional members, and you can peruse them and either join them on a short- or long-term basis. Sometimes we even host our own groups to grease the wheels of the community, and we’ve been known to dole out some pretty cool gaming swag from time to time.

Meet Other Gamers Like You

You don’t just have to join groups blind. We also have an active message board section with forums for all of the games that are well represented on Play About. Use these forums to talk about your favorite games. Shoot the breeze or discuss the newest strategies. Online friendships will form, and through these friendships, you’ll get the opportunities to join gaming groups and other activities.

Looking for Group

LFG is becoming a standard service that helps gamers find groups for online-centric gaming titles like The Division and Destiny. Since we already had the infrastructure in place, LFG was a great fit for us. In our LFG section, you can find a section for nearly all major competitive and co-op games. Not only can you create your own group or join an existing group, if you have a PlayAbout.com account, our system will automatically seek to pair you with others users you’ve friended.

Mix It Up with the Community

There are other ways to mix up with your fellow Play About gamers. We have a Twitter feed that we use to make announcements and interact, and if you’d like to announce a tournament or the like, we’ll help you get it more press. Our community is also very active on our Facebook page, and since many PlayAbout.com events are streamed, Twitch is another great way to interact with your fellow gamers.